Empowering the hearing-impaired in group conversations.

Group conversations are a daily struggle for 400 million people suffering from disabling hearing loss, which are excludes them from a lot of professional and social then interactions. Transcense is the easiest way understand them. We worked directly with Thibault.

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Ava captures and transcribes conversations in real-time. This information needs to be easily parsed by hard of hearing users. We used color throughout the app to increase clarity around who is saying what, and when.


For maximum legibility, we utilised two weights from the FF Din family

Din is a versatile, narrow serif that is ultra readable and supports 179 languages. In our search for a typeface that could quickly be understood and used throughout Din came out as a universal favorite.


Spoken conversation is quick, and sometimes there is no time to type. Ava comes with smart suggestions, one tap away.

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phone application
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